About us

Stone Knight Productions is a film production company based in Reno, Nevada. With a focus on bringing writers' stories to the screen, our main objective is to provide outstanding services for writers and clients, regardless of project scope. We offer various services, including interviews, documentaries, music videos, special events, and commercials. Additionally, we are dedicated to supporting writers in their ongoing journey by organizing screenwriting contests that encourage developing and honing their skills.

Dell's Story

I possess a wealth of experience and expertise in writing, directing, and owning Stone Knight Productions. Since 2000, I have been actively involved in these creative endeavors. Throughout my journey, I have achieved remarkable success by producing and penning three captivating short films: "Rude Awakening," "The Dream," and "Doors." Currently, I am embarking on a new chapter in my career by venturing back into film production. My ultimate goal is to elevate my craft further and support other aspiring writers in realizing their unique visions on screen.