At Stone Knight Writer, we recognize that writers worldwide still debate whether their narratives are best suited for the big screen, television, or social media platforms. We acknowledge that writers often seek consultants’ expertise to evaluate their stories and receive feedback on areas where they may have taken a wrong turn or require guidance. If you require a script consultant to analyze your story thoroughly, look no further.

Here at Stone Knight Writer, we enjoy reading stories from seasoned writers and beginners alike. Our process involves carefully reading your story from beginning to end and then delving into a detailed examination of the plot, characters, and individual scenes. Finally, we will provide you with our overall impression of your work. Our approach is straightforward: we read your story attentively and share our thoughts and constructive criticism.

It’s important to note that while we offer feedback as critics with an ardent love for storytelling, it is essential to understand that our critiques may not comprehensively encompass every aspect.

At Stone Knight Writer, storytelling remains our passion.

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